Sunday, May 22, 2011

Once Upon a Marigold Book Review

In Jean Ferris’ Once Upon a Marigold, Ed (a troll) finds a boy in the woods. Chris, the boy, was in love with Marigold, a princess far away. Chris needed to know her so he started “p-mailing” her. P-mailing is like emailing, but with actual letters sent by plane. Then Chris found out a secret. He still wanted to know more about Marigold, so he started to work at the castle. Trust me, things were not easy there.

Queen Olympia was not sunshine and daisies. She was bad. Guess who has to stop her? Chris. Can he do it?

I loved this book because there’s action, comedy, love and adventure. It’s a book to read if you’re having a bad day. It will bring your spirit right back up.

This book counts for a plant in my class reading challenge, and as a number in Beth Fish Reads’ What’s in a Name 4 Challenge.