Monday, December 19, 2011

The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens

I read The Emerald Atlas with my father this year. In this book, 3 kids, Kate, Michael and Emma are taken from their parents, because they find out there’s something special about them. They all have very different personalities. Kate is the oldest and the leader. Michael is obsessed with dwarves. Emma is very brave. Emma is also the youngest. They go through a lot to find out who they are.

When they go on this crazy adventure they get to travel through time and often find themselves in a life or death situation. There are wizards, witches, screechers, evil secretaries, and salmac-tar. Almost all those things are evil. There’s also war that goes on. Good vs. Evil. It was the fight for life and death.

Someone who likes adventure books would love this. Grownups can read this with their children. I thought this book was amazing. I give it 5 stars. Though this book is very good it is very complex. I’m definitely getting the second book.

This is my Jewel or Gem book for the What’s in a Name Challenge 4 from BethFishReads, so I’m done. My mom and I are going to do it again next year.